On Monday 8 March 2021 our Group organised a webinar at which John Galsworthy, project manager for the South Fulham Traffic, Pollution and Congestion Reduction Scheme, presented details of that scheme and answered questions. About 75 residents registered to attend the webinar and we know that, in several households, whole families joined together to take part, so we estimate that 80 – 100 people attended.

The webinar commenced with a brief introduction by Malcolm Green, Chair of our campaign group, in which he set the scene by presenting data on the growth of traffic in London’s residential streets, and demonstrating how satnavs send traffic through our neighbourhood just to save two or three minutes in journey times. To view his introduction (4m 53s), please click here: Webinar introduction – Malcolm Green

And to see a copy of Malcolm’s PowerPoint slides

John Galsworthy’s presentation was sadly interrupted by an internet failure, but he managed to deliver most of his presentation before going off-air. While we sorted the technical problems, Malcolm Green stepped in to deliver the final part of John’s presentation. The video of John, while he was ‘on air’ (11m 18s) is below.

The full set of John’s slides may be downloaded here: John Galsworthy – slides used in presentation on South Fulham TCPR scheme  (We decided not to publish Malcolm’s presentation of John’s slides as he has no professional expertise in this subject!)

The internet connection was restored in time for John to return and participate in a Q&A session with Charlie Gallannaugh and Malcolm Green. This part of his presentation was recorded as audio only (18m 20s) and you can listen to it here: John Q&A

You may also view details of the South Fulham TCPR scheme on Hammersmith & Fulham’s website: South Fulham

After the webinar many residents contacted us with further questions and you can download those additional Q&A by clicking here: EHLTN webinar – answers to questions raised after the webinar

Many participants have sent us emails with their views on implementing a TCPR scheme in East Hillside and you can see what they have said by clicking here: Feedback quotations

We have decided to campaign for a traffic management scheme in east Hillside based on the principles of the south Fulham scheme. We publish full details of the south Fulham scheme in Section 3.