We need more people to make journeys on foot or by bike. There is no alternative to this basic truth if we are to build a healthier community and to promote a ‘greener’ environment. This is partly about air quality but also about other health and social factors. A generation ago 70% of children walked to school – now it’s less than half.  And when our streets are used primarily for walking and cycling – rather than for use by cars – then this improves the environment for everyone and allows for more walking, resting, meeting and social contact in our streets. The East Hillside area suffers from severe rat-running by traffic which ought to be on the distributor roads. Our streets give priority to motor vehicles – we need to change this. In order to shift travel choices from driving to walking and cycling we must make our streets safer and easier to use for pedestrians and cyclists. To do this, we need to stop, or greatly reduce, through traffic so that it stays on the distributor roads. Or better still – reduce the volume of traffic altogether: many residents can, and should, make local journeys on foot or by bike. An LTN will achieve this – whilst ensuring that every property continues to be accessible by motor vehicles.