The Campaign was established in 2020 by seven residents of East Hillside with the sole purpose of campaigning for the introduction of an equitable scheme to restore our streets to local people. Before launching our Campaign our founding members consulted closely with Hillside Ward Councillors. They were supportive of an initiative to build a consensus, in East Hillside, for a  traffic management scheme (within the boundaries of the East Hillside area) which was:
  • developed from the grassroots and not imposed by the Council
  • does not advantage one local road to the detriment of other local roads
  • encourages all representative groups to engage with one another to achieve a consensus.
The East Hillside area also includes part of Village Ward. Hillside Ward Councillors consulted with Village Ward Councillors, and our MP Stephen Hammond, and subsequently informed us that: “All of the Village and Hillside Councillors (and Stephen Hammond) see the merits of working together to initiate a ‘whole community’ scheme to deal with ‘rat running traffic’. Following this consultation, and feedback from Hillside Ward Councillors, our founding members decided to launch the East Hillside Traffic Management Campaign with the purpose of engaging the East Hillside community in achieving a consensus on solutions to “rat-running” and other traffic problems in the East Hillside area.