We are now about 150 members drawn from right across our community. We are also supported by two residents associations: NewBERA and CWARA (Community of Woodside). Following our own research we decided that the traffic scheme in south Fulham offered the best model for a solution. The project manager for that scheme conducted a webinar for our members which was very well-attended. Subsequently we conducted a survey of our membership, and received strong support for a scheme based on the principles used in south Fulham. As a result, we have now adopted that scheme as our proposed solution. We have made numerous representations to the Council (see the News section for details) and have had a very sympathetic hearing. As a result of our representations the Council has now agreed to install traffic sensors to undertake a detailed study of traffic flows and air quality in East Hillside. The sensors are due to be installed from the summer of 2022. We now need to build further support to demonstrate to the Council that local people want their streets to be used by local traffic and not by rat-runners.