This plan shows the East Hillside area (yellow boundary), which consists entirely of Local Access Roads. The through traffic should be on the Distributor roads which surround us – except traffic constantly cuts through our residential area on roads which were never intended to be used in this way.

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What this means is that:

  • There is twice as much traffic on our streets compared to 10 years ago.
  • A community police speed check in Woodside on 3rd February 2022 recorded a speeding vehicle every two minutes in the morning rush hour.
  • HGVs ignore the weight restrictions (blocking an ambulance in one recent case).
  • We are subject to road rage from through drivers who won’t slow down for a few seconds while we help elderly people get into a parked car.
  • Our own parked cars are routinely damaged by through traffic squeezing through narrow gaps on our streets (e.g. Woodside is only 3.9m wide between parked cars at its narrowest point, less than twice the width of a standard car).
  • Our garden walls are knocked down by traffic turning in narrow streets so as to escape the congestion.
  • Our air quality is poor – possibly up to 1 tonne/day of additional CO2 based on evidence from other areas of London.

These issues are caused by through traffic.
We want East Hillside’s roads to be used by local traffic only – in accordance with statute.