We table a Council Question and we are told that the Council is committed to installing traffic sensors around East Hillside to gather data to support a funding case for a TCPR scheme in this neighbourhood.

Public Questions to Council 7 July 2021

From: Malcolm Green

To the Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and the Climate Emergency

Is the Council aware of the strong support in the local community for a Traffic, Congestion and Pollution Reduction scheme to reduce rat-running by non-local through traffic, in the East Hillside neighbourhood of Wimbledon?

The Council is aware of the desire for the East Hillside Low Traffic Neighbourhood / TCPR (similar to that of South Fulham). Officers, local councillors and Cabinet Members have met with residents and understand the support for the project. The Council applauds East Hillside LTN Group for their efforts in securing local support for the scheme and setting out the local issues. At present, due to TFL funding constraints the Council is not yet able to embark on the scheme. We have however committed to installing traffic sensors to gather data to support a funding case in future for the project.